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Plastic Slat Conveyors

Where rapid speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance.


Steel Slat Conveyors

Can be easily washed down for hygiene purposes.



What are Slat Conveyors?

Slat conveyors are predominantly used, and are ideal in such industries as food and pharmaceuticals, where rapid speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance, plus they also have the ability to be washed down for hygiene purposes.

Their construction is either an acetal slat or stainless steel slat, side flexing for bend sections. The most widely used in the food industry is acetal (usually a cheaper option than stainless). The advantage of using slats, is that they can open up slightly around a bend, therefore a very tight radius can be achieved - usually 2.5 times the width (as a rule of thumb). As mentioned above, the slats are usually manufactured from acetal (a hard, heat resistant plastic) or stainless steel, and range from a width of approximately 80mm to 300mm.

Because of their width, they will usually be mounted on tripod support stands with floor levelling adjustability, and can come complete with adjustable side guides (if required). Because of the low friction, Slat Conveyors can be ideal for the accumulation of products awaiting to enter machines such as labellers and packaging machines.

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