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Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyors are purposely used when situations require either the simple conveying of products or back to back accumulation, but with as little pressure on the leading product as possible (although depending on the exact application, they can easily be adapted to become zero pressure accumulation systems).

The Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor is the more light duty of the powered roller conveyors, handling products that are typically around 25/30kg, such as cardboard boxes, plastic tote boxes, etc. Typical scenarios for the use of this type of conveyor are : Order picking lines/stations, production lines, packaging lines, bar coding sortation systems and obviously the simple movement from A to B.

Lineshaft Conveyors provide an economical solution to conveying and accumulating items with a firm base. The rollers are powered from a drive shaft - mounted beneath the rollers and extending the full length of the conveying bed - and are driven via elastomer belts.

Roller Straights:- The roller section will be 50mm outside diameter x 1.5mm parallel tube. Grooves will be used for drive belt operation, with all rollers having anti static properties. Rollers will be fitted with dust tight, grease packed bearings together with hexagonal shafts, 11mm across flats, spring loaded.

Roller Curves:- Comprising a multi grooved anti static steel roller fitted with a plastic tapered, precision moulding. The curved sections are available in 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º angles.

Accumulation occurs via the design of the conveyor system, a shaft which is driven by an external motor doesn't drive the belts directly, but turns inside a nylon spool. The rollers themselves are driven via elastomer belts. By stopping the package on the roller the spool stops. This type of system is generally used in such places where final production stages require the packaging of products into cardboard / tote boxes. Therefore lineshaft powered roller conveyors are generally sought in warehousing / packaging environments.

Main Advantages:- a) Versatile and economic powered conveying; b) Offers high energy efficiency; c) Accumulation with minimal line pressure; d) Modular construction offers system flexibility. These combined advantages enable cost effective purpose designed systems to be achieved, utilising standard modules.

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