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Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems are used in such instances as conveying trays, slave boards, cardboard boxes, plastic totes, etc., for either, simply transporting from A to B, or for use in Kanban scenarios.

As the title states, gravity means just that, using the force of gravity to move products. There is no power, hence it is simple and extremely cost effective. You can either free wheel the products manually (horizontally) or include a slight decline to allow a fall over a certain distance.

Because Gravity Roller Conveyors are extremely modular they can be utilised in many ways. They can form a crucial role when linked to the end of a powered system, for such purposes as packing and accumulation, or they can actually form full production lines, such as PC Assembly, Bedding, Industrial Batteries, etc.

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Standard Dimensions:- Diameters range from 20mm (light duty - approximately 8kgs per roller) to 75mm (heavy duty - approximately 600kgs per roller); Lengths are infinite, ie, we can manufacture a 500mm stand alone section or a series of 3000mm lengths to achieve the finished length. Widths are usually in increments of 50mm, ie, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm etc

Finishes:- The standard finish to gravity tracks is mild steel self colour rollers & painted frames; Optional finishes are 1) Bright Zinc Plated -The Vast Majority, 2) Stainless Steel, and 3) Plastic

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