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The Chain Driven Roller Conveyor/Pallet Roller Conveyor is the most robust and heavy duty of the powered conveyor series, predominantly used for heavier products such as pallet/drum handling and storage, where the product is usually fed onto the conveyor by a machine or fork truck.

Powered Roller Conveyor systems comprise various components that are designed for both heavy duty usage and flexibility. They consist of sprocketed thick walled rollers, chain to chain or tangential (one common chain) drive mechanism, a fully enclosed side frame and an external shaft mounted motor.

Although heavy duty, powered roller conveyors are flexible and can incorporate such accessories as 90 degree cross transfers and powered turntables.Most companies producing large, heavy products rely on palletising for streamlining their production flow and storage capacities, therefore relying on pallet conveyors as a way of both conveying and buffer storage techniques.

Pallet conveyors can either be stand alone conveyors (probably one drive per 9,000mm of track - depending on load and application), or form fully automated zero pressure accumulation systems. Accessories would typically include: entry guides, blade stops, merges, 90 degree cross transfers, powered turntables and control system options.

Chain Driven Powered Roller Conveyors/Pallet Conveyors are generally constructed from powder coated mild steel (as standard). All pallet conveyor tracks utilise a simple robust and modular design with standard 76mm diameter rollers (mild steel bright zinc plated) set at approximately 175mm pitch. Most widths and lengths can be achieved, although this is dependant on the load, application and environment.

Powered roller conveyor systems are flexible and can incorporate such accessories as 90 degree cross transfers and powered turntables for multi lane storage.

Many production plants also use powered conveyors for full production, assembly and test lines, ready for end of line packing. Specific scenarios for using powered roller conveyors, include:- Pallet Handling, Automotive Manufacture, As Fully Automated Handling And Testing Stations, Drum Handling etc.

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