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Three Tier Pottery Kiln Conveyor

Mobility Engineering supplies the pottery industry with batt return systems. The conveyors are used to store and return table wares to and from the kiln system. Used as a storage system, a night shift can accommodate the same throughput as the day shift, with minimal staffing levels.

Potteryware (of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain) is made from ceramic materials which require firing. Modern potteryware manufacturers require systems which can produce and fire a large amount of mass produced pottery in the most efficient method with minimal costs for both manufacture and labour.

One of our recent projects at Mobility Engineering was to design and manufacture a system which would be able to load prepared potterywares such as plates, bowls and cups which were ready to be fired onto a conveyor system. The products would then be sent through the kiln and then returned through to the operator for removal from the system.

One of the key aims of the project was to ensure that the kiln could be kept running to capacity on a 24 hour system with minimal staffing required throughout the night-shift. We were able to design and install a system to do this for our client using a three-tier "batt" accumulation system. This is where a slave board is used to hold the pieces of pottery when they are being worked on. The batts accumulate as the pottery is produced and they then enter the kiln and travel through this for approximately six hours, as illustrated in the images below.

Three Tier Conveyor System to Fire Potterywares

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