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Materials Handling Conveyors

At Mobility Engineering we are experienced in Material Handling Conveyors. A materials handling conveyor system is a specially designed piece of equipment that is made to transport different types of materials from one location to another and is regularly used in production and warehousing applications.

A materials handling conveyor can be used to transport heavy or bulky materials from anything such as a tonne of gravel to a car on a production line to tiny components used in the pharmaceutical or mobile phone industries.  Using a material handling conveyor system means the quick and efficient movement of many kinds of materials without the worry of additional labour costs, human error and strenuous activity for employees. Many warehousing and processing applications have chosen to use conveyor systems in place of fork lifts as it creates a much safer and controlled working environment for their personnel.


A material handling conveyor system can transport materials from one level to another (PVC/PU Belt Conveyors are often used for this purpose as they can be used on an incline/decline), which if this was to be carried out manually would involve much higher labour costs and be strenuous activity.

Materials handling using conveyor systems, especially when the material being transported is heavy or bulky, is much safer than if the materials were moved manually or with a forklift, where the prospect of injury or accident would be much higher.

Conveyor systems can be motorised, fully automated or be gravity conveyors, depending upon which is the most suitable option for the application which can be extremely cost effective.


This is where our specialised team at Mobility Engineering are here to help you! We will help you in planning the materials handling conveyor system and how it can most efficiently and effectively help you and your business requirements. 

If you are considering how your business can improve its material handling automation then contact us and we are here to help you right from the start. Don't worry if you don't know a gravity conveyor from a chain conveyor - we are here with all the technical knowhow and experience you will need.

Soap Powder Box Handling on Modular Belt Conveyors

If you are looking for a specialist conveyor or materials handling system call our friendly team on 01925 755923 or contact us via our website and we will get back to you for an informal chat.    

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