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The Magic Magnetic Conveyor

At Mobility Engineering we can produce, design and manufacture bespoke magnetic belt conveyor systems for your business. A magnetic conveyor can transport any kind of ferrous metal.

Magnetic conveyors ensure the total precision and control of magnetic materials being moved along a production line. When working with ferrous metals, having a conveyor that uses an industrial magnetic belt to control the position of parts and components for processing is extremely useful.

We Will Customise Your Magnetic Conveyor For Maximum Efficiency

You may have a specific metal product that you are looking to move or process and there is no one solution for every client. A client who will be processing and moving nails, bolts, nuts and screws will not require the same magnetisation as a company who is moving larger and heavier magnetic parts. Each magnetic conveyor that we manufacture will have unique magnetic chips which are configured to handle the required products.

Magnetic conveyors are created using magnets in the bed of the conveyor. This allows the magnets to hold onto any ferrous parts being transported and as the magnets are placed with precision for the process they are required for, they will provide excellent magnetic holding power.

The magnets will also be designed so that they are strong enough to hold onto parts on both horizontal and vertical conveyors, so that the magnetic conveyor can be used for transporting up and down elevations. 

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