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Going Green With Conveyors

For the last several years, a green movement has swept the globe, and as we are all aware during the last week we had World Earth Day. Consumers, organisations, and large corporations are all now moving toward green initiatives. Whether in packaging, recyclable materials, or energy efficient production, these programs have all lead to more earth conscientious workplaces as well as saved overheard spend. 

However, in an industry filled with automation and machinery, the thought of going green might seem like a faraway dream. Luckily, new innovations in conveyor technologies have led to the possibility of greener business practices in the fields of materials handling and automation. 

What Does Going Green In Conveyors Mean? 

For any industry, going green can be interpreted in different ways, but for those in the materials handling industry, going green consists of minimising the amount of energy and materials being used in our systems. It also consists of ensuring our material handling equipment and systems positively affect employees. This means all machinery should be safe, low noise, and operate as cleanly as possible. 

The Cost Concern 

While going green might be a possibility, many businesses ask if the investment in green material handling initiatives is really worth the price and if it will eventually save money. There are several ways to look at a green investment. In some cases, a business might be able to afford a new, more eco-friendly system. In other cases, a new motor can be enough to save on energy costs and establish an eco-friendly business plan. Whatever an organisation’s situation might be, we will explore a few ways in which going green with conveyors can save money.

Eco-Friendly Conveyor Systems 

There are a few ways to compare conveyor options and determine which one will take an organization in an eco-friendly direction. Organizations prioritizing green initiatives might want to overhaul existing systems for something more earth conscientious. If this is the case, there are several options to compare. For example, when considering belt conveyors, you might find that a narrow belt conveyor performs the same amount of sortation per minute as well as have the same initial investment cost as other systems, while cutting energy use significantly. Other items to compare and consider in conveyor sortation systems can include how much materials are needed, whether or not a system requires lower maintenance over another conveyor, and if it provides low noise for employee safety. Each of these meets the criteria of going green.

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