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The Mobility Engineering Parcelator

Telescopic belt conveyors are multi functional conveyors which are used in many different areas for carrying products, mainly in the loading and offloading of parcels or other objects onto vehicles such as vans and lorries. 

Loading and unloading of vehicles can be performed easily using a boom conveyor's extension and retraction parts which can move both forward and in reverse. 

Mobility Engineering was asked to design and install and boom conveyor or "the parcelator" for a client who had loading and unloading requirements. The team has designed the boom conveyor (which can be seen in our video) which will match or exceed any other brand of conveyor in terms of build quality, design, functionality and longevity. We can produce different models of the parcelator to suit different clients, and the conveyor can be adapted to have 600 mm or 800 mm wide belts, different base lengths and designs, creating many different combinations to suit particular clients.

This particular client required a Parcelator which is to be used for unloading tyres from delivery wagons to the warehouse. We designed, built and installed a Parcelator conveyor with a 600 mm belt width, with a length of 6 metres when compacted and an extended length of up to 18.6 metres, which runs at 45 metres a minute.

Boom Conveyor or the Parcelator Conveyor - A Unique Design

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