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Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyors

As always, it is great to receive feedback from our customers, and one project we worked on with a well known catalogue company was extremely successful and the feedback from the client was excellent.

Mobility Engineering were asked to attend the catalogue company's site and study the logistical problems the client was experiencing. Our team then went away after the information gathering exercise and we were then able to assess the situation and offer the client our recommendations and solutions to their problems.

The main problems they were experiencing was within the mail room, where all mail sent to their customers was produced by two mailing machines. Once the mail was produced and enveloped it was placed in mailing tote bins and transferred to a low level mezanine floor where it was put into mailing sacks.

The client did have a system in place which used a number of different conveyors which unfortunately did not allow items to be indexed and, in addition, once the tote boxes were emptied there was no way of returning them to the beginning of the system apart from manually. 

After several visits, and a detailed site evaluation and discussions with the client, our specialist team at Mobility proposed installing a lineshaft 24vDc and PVC belt conveyor infeed line, which would deliver the tote boxes to the mezzanine floor and would also allow a buffering and indexing system.

To solve the problem of delivering the mail boxes to the beginning of the system, we installed a top tier lineshaft conveyor system allowing the buffering of 60 stacks of three boxes via blade stops and a control sequence, with pusher units to deliver the totes back to the infeed staff.

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