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At Mobility Engineering we specialise in floor conveyors and we are automation manufacturers providing both one-off single products or a multiple of products to depending on our client's requirements.

The Mobility Engineering Factory in Cheshire

We are very flexible in our approach to our client's requirements and we can provide a solution to the most demanding conveying and moving requirements. 

Generally conveyors and conveyor systems can be broken down into two distinct divisions - powered and non-powered. 

Non-powered conveyors are gravity conveyors, therefore, relying on gravity to get from A to B (either horizontally, by being manually pushed, or via a decline where the product moves under its own weight). Being non-powered means you simply cannot control the movement/flow. 

Powered conveyors, on the other hand, are much more reliable and versatile with regards control and process flow. Being powered, you are in control of how fast the product goes from A to B, plus it can have the added benefit of accumulation.

Powered conveyors are usually: 1) Belt Conveyor (Fabric), 2) Belt Conveyor - (Plastic Modular), 3) Powered Roller Conveyor (Lineshaft), 4) Powered Roller Conveyor (Chain Driven), 5) Slat Conveyor (Acetal - Plastic), 6) Slat Conveyor (Stainless Steel), 7) Chain Conveyor, 8) Magnetic Conveyor.

If you are looking for a specialist conveyor or materials handling system call us on 01925 755923 or contact us via our website.    

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