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Mobility Engineering Facebook Page

Why do businesses such as Mobility Engineering have a Facebook page? It is now known that business owners who use social networking sites effectively are able to promote their businesses in very effective ways, and one of the best ways is with a Facebook business page. Facebook has become a staple for businesses and community organizations and here are a few good reasons why at Mobility Engineering we created a Facebook page for our business:

1. A business page on Facebook gives you a way to communicate directly with your potential and current customers. Your followers are there because they are aware of your company and want to learn more, and indeed they can expect to receive useful information about your company from the page, in fact, we often share videos of recently completed conveyor projects.

2. Facebook humanises your company. Social connections and genuine communication are integral parts of social media, and Facebook gives you an opportunity to attach a face, name, and personality to your brand. While your Facebook page may represent your company, it also allows you to show the human side of your business through one-on-one conversations, personal stories and case studies.

3. It builds a community around your business. Facebook pages are excellent places to gather your customers and prospects and ask them to provide reviews, news and share opinions. Facebook is a place which encourages interaction with your clients.

4. Facebook is good for search engine optimisation. Basically, a Facebook page is a great way to direct traffic (potential customers) to your business website and blog. Having a Facebook page which is linked to a business website can boost search engine rankings, so helping customers find your business.

5. Lots of people who use Facebook visit the site at least a few times a week. So, regularly updating your Facebook page and sharing links to your business website and video content of your business activities gives a business the opportunity to connect with customers regularly.

In 2018 more than 51% of the UK population will log on to Facebook and this percentage of the population is estimated to increase each year. An increasing number of businesses and consumers are using the website to search for products and services and Facebook makes if easier for potential customers to find your business. In summary, a business branded Facebook page can be a great way to expand your business's reach and increase online awareness of your brand.

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