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Mobility Engineering Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors can be either PVC or PU and these types of conveyors are ideal for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals where strict hygiene standards are required and areas must be cleaned and washed down.

Mobility Engineering manufactures both the "traditional" type of belt conveyors alongside modular belt conveyors. The difference between the two is that the modular belt conveyor is constructed as a series of linkis which can be individually designed to suit the particular application of the customer.


Belt Conveyors 

The traditional conveyors are still widely used, as they are also very cost effective in comparison to a modular belt conveyor. If a conveyor is required for picking and packing then a traditional belt conveyor is likely to be recommended. If the belt is to be in direct contact with food products then food grade PU belting is also recommended. 

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belting has various benefits over the traditional PVC/PU belt. It has excellent durability and can withstand different temperatures. Modular belt conveyors can have different features built in including open grids where air and water can easily be passed through the belt, or a grip can be included where belts are used on an incline.

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