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Pottery Kiln Conveyors and The Potteries Revival

The potteries capital, Stoke-on-Trent has, for several years, been hosting the British Biennial Ceramics festival and the BBC has been airing The Great British Pottery Throw Down, a sort of Bake Off with clay, filmed at Stoke’s Middleport pottery factory. Behind these events is the fact that the old pottery district in Stoke is looking much healthier than it did a decade ago, when it may have collapsed altogether. 

This is due to the fact that there has been a revival in table and giftware and exports have risen from the area by nearly 50% over the last decade. The potteries have benefited from substantial new investment in both technology and factories in recent years with names such as Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Wade leading the way. The potteries also lead the way with designer pottery such as the Emma Bridgewater designs (sold at John Lewis). 

So what has changed and why has there been investment in the pottery factories? One of the main reasons is that US and Japanese customers, in particular, have become increasingly averts to purchasing premium wares branded under the English potteries name but which have been manufactured in Asia and China. Stoke wares are considered to be amongst the highest quality in the world and customers want their high end pottery brands to have the Made in England stamp.

Mobility Engineering are very proud to be amongst the suppliers for the Stoke pottery industry, supplying them with batt return systems.  These conveyors are used to store and return pottery and table wares to and from the kiln system. They allow the pottery factory to maximise their kiln times throughout a 24 hour shift, with minimal staffing levels during the night. 

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