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Waste Management and Conveyors

An essential component of recycling and waste management operations is a conveyor system which can handle many different types of materials and which is designed to transport them to different locations.

Conveyors in Recycling and Waste Management

Conveyors play a critical role in recycling and waste management facilities. They are an integral part of the sorting process and efficient movement of waste materials. 

Conveyors allow mixed waste to be spread out for inspection and moved from a starting point to a final sorting point, where along the way different materials can be removed as items are sorted. Conveyors are also used for transporting materials such as wood or paper waste into processing and grinding facilities.

Conveyor systems are integral to the success of many recycling operations. The most common types of conveyors used in recycling faclities are belt conveyors and chain conveyors.

Conveyor belts are perfect for moving streams of materials for separation. Vibrating belts act to separate and space materials for inspection by workers. Conveyors used in recycling facilities need to be designed to withstand exposure to constant exposure to abrasives, sticky liquids and dirt.

Typical types of conveyors used in industry include the non-powered conveyor, the powered chain and roller conveyor for handling pallet loads of goods, and the powered belt and roller conveyor for smaller products.

The use of conveyors in an industry which can be dusty and dirty enhances the working process and also improves safety and general work conditions for the employees.

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