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We Are Experts In Accumulation Tables

Mobility Engineering's team of expert designers and engineers are skilled in implementing and manufacturing bespoke conveyors for our clients. Here we are looking at accumulation tables, which are commonly used in manufacturing processes. An accumulation table allows items such as containers or bottles to accumulate prior to being loaded onto a filling or bottling line. Items can be accumulated and then fed individually into a packaging or bottling system.

An accumulation table is ideal for the food, pet and drinks industries where containers need to be filled, bottled or labelled. An accumulation table must be able to feed a packaging or bottling system which handles thousands of items per hour. It must be robust and items need to be able to pass into the packaging/bottling system without damage or jamming.

Accumulation Table For Packages and Bottles

If you are looking to install or upgrade your packaging and bottling system we are happy to visit your premises and advise you on all of the options available. Our expert team has over 40 years experience working with our clients and conveyor systems. 

For more information on how Mobility Engineering can help you contact us or call us for an inital chat on 01925 755923.

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