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We Are Experts in Gravity Roller Conveyors

The gravity roller conveyor is one of the most resiliant and practical members of the conveyor family.

A gravity roller conveyor does not require power to move items along, they actually do use the force of gravity to move products along a conveyor. The products can be free wheeled manually or the conveyor can be built allowing a slight decline so tha the products fall along the length of the conveyor.

Gravity roller conveyors are excellent for moving anything on slave boards, conveying trays, boxes, totes or anything with a stable bottom.

The benefits of a gravity roller conveyor are:

  • They are cost effective as no power is needed.
  • They are easy to install and they are very reliable and only require minimal maintenance.
  • They are modular, meaning they can be moved around and linked together as required.
  • They are usually built in straights, but curved units and spurs can be added at different points.

Gravity Roller Conveyors Available from Mobility Engineering:

Our standard dimensions of roller range from 20 mm diameter to 75 mm diameter. The length of gravity roller conveyor we can manufacture are infinite - from a 500 mm stand alone section to a series of 3000 mm lengths to achieve a longer finished length. Widths are usually in increments of 50 mm, i.e. 150 mm, 200 mm 250 mm etc.

Roller Finishes:

Rollers can be made of self colour mild steel, or be Bright Zinc Plated. Other options for specialised industries and areas are Stainless Steel rollers or plastic rollers.

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