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Pottery Ware Conveyors

Pottery ware or ceramics is a product which is manufactured and mass produced in the UK. From your standard home dinner service to plates and dishes produced for restaurants and hotels, pottery ware and ceramics are a major industry within the UK.

If a UK pottery ware manufacturer wishes to remain competitive against mass produced imports they must be able to produce pottery in an efficient and cost effective method, keeping both manufacturing and labour costs at a minimum.

At Mobility Engineering we are pleased to have worked with a client who is in the pottery production industry. We were involved in designing and installing at the client's premises a pottery conveyor system which would enable products to be produced 24 hours a day at the factory, giving them maximum production and efficiency. The system uses a "batt" accumulation system which allows pottery to accumulate after it has been produced but before it is fired in the kiln. The pottery actually travels through the kiln for around six hours to ensure that it is fired to perfection and then the products are transported out of the kiln to be removed and quality checked by an operator.

This is an extremely specialised type of system and it was a great product to work on in conjunction with our client.


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