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Activated Roller Belt Conveyor

Using an Activated Roller Belt on a conveyor brings together the benefits of modular plastic belting alongside a system which enables sorting, aligning and merging of products on a conveyor.

This is extremely useful where, during production, products need to be collected together from different areas of production.

Mobility Engineering Activated Roller Belt Conveyor

In this scenario in the video products are arriving in a random manner from different input conveyors and they need to be conveyed onto a single output conveyor. 

This is where an activated roller belt is used. The belt can change the direction, speed and alignment of the products using free spinning angled rollers which extend above the surface of the conveyor belt. An activated roller belt removes the requirement for rails or other mechanical controls to move the products.

Activated roller belts can be used to align products, rotate products, merge products together on a single conveyor line, switch products from one side of a conveyor to another, along with many other uses.

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