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Reverse Taper Bend Conveyors

One of the main uses for conveyor systems is within the packing process. Products have to travel along a conveyors system where they are packaged, wrapped, labelled and often shrink-wrapped.

Once a product has been packaged, it will need to be labelled with the product details, dates and bar codes. For the labelling to be carried out in a standardised and efficient manner the products will all need to be in the same orientation when being labelled, either by machine or manually.

Reverse Taper Bend Conveyor

Once the product is proceeding down the packaging line, an easy way to ensure it is in the correct orientation is to use a reverse taper bend conveyor. The reverse taper bend will rotate the product through 90 degrees to ensure it is correctly aligned for labelling.

Reverse taper bend conveyors are only one of many specialised conveyors that we design and manufacture in-house at our Mobility Engineering factory in Cheshire, UK. 

Other conveyors include:

  • Incline conveyors
  • Activated roller belt conveyors
  • Inspection conveyors
  • Conveyor pusher units
  • Traversing semi-automatic trolley cars
  • Accumulation tables
  • Powered roller lineshaft systems, amongst others!

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