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Inspection Conveyors For Delicate Produce

Happily it is almost summertime, and we have reached that time of year when many food growers and farms start to harvest their crops of delicate salad vegetables, such as radishes, new potatoes, spring onions, asparagus, baby carrots and tomatoes. 

Inspection Conveyor for Delicate Crops and Produce

Food producers need to inspect their crops after they have been picked and washed and this is where an inspection roller conveyor comes into its own. Our video shows an inspection conveyor designed and manufactured at Mobility Engineering that demonistrates how effective this style of conveyor is when handling delicate produce such as tomatoes is required. The tomatoes travel along the conveyor with no damage being incurred and whilst travelling they are turned over making it easier for the staff inspecting the fruit or vegetables to spot any imperfections.

Conveyors that are used in the food industry have to be designed and manufactured to specific standards. One of the major requirements within the food industry is that the food conveyor must be very easy to clean. This roller conveyor is manufactured from food grade stainless steel and has washable plastic rollers. All parts can be cleaned easily and nothing will rust or be able to trap bacteria.

Food processing can include all types of applications from raw and cooked meats, poultry and fish to packaged meals and confectionery, so custom built food conveyors are required and the team at Mobility Engineering is highly experienced in producing food conveyors for these applications. 

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