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Conveyors With Hygienic Design

Choosing a conveyor with hygienic design is critical to maintaining food safety on your packaging line. How does a business looking for a hygienic conveyor suitable for the food or pharmaceutical industry? At Mobility Engineering we are used to designing conveyors for all types of industry including those used in food processing and packaging.   

How Do You Recognise Hygienic Design?

Despite incorporating protocols such as frequent washdowns, food manufacturers often struggle to maintain clean conveyors along processing and packaging lines. Exposed conveyor systems remain vulnerable to contamination. Selecting conveyors with hygienic design is critical to maintaining food safety on your packaging line. How do you recognize a hygienic design?

Food manufacturers are always focussed on reducing the potential for contamination in processing operations, but one area that continues to be a challenge is ensuring the cleanliness of conveyor systems. Conveyors can be vulnerable to bacterial growth and this can really affect the food industry.

Common Areas Where Bacteria Can Grow

Bacterial can grow in areas where water is trapped and, of course, where there is poor hygiene. Proper cleaning of a conveyor is necessary and protocols need to be put in place by the food manufacturer to ensure the conveyor is kept totally clean at all times.

To avoid creating areas where bacteria can grow a conveyor manufacturer will ensure that:

- There are no areas where water can get trapped, such as behind screw heads.
- Surfaces should be sloped where possible to avoid water pooling.
- Hollow tube bodies are avoided as they can trap water inside.
- All components can be reached to be easily cleaned.

(Information courtesy of Packaging Digest)

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