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Incline Flighted Belt Conveyors

Incline flighted belt conveyors are perfect for elevating products quickly and efficiently, and they are suitable for delicate products. The flights on the belt carry the products along and up  the conveyor until they arrive at the top where they can be deposited into a hopper, truck or simply onto another belt on the next part of the system.

The video below shows an incline flighted belt conveyor that we designed and manufacurtured or a client who needed to transport small brass fittings that needed treating with care.

Incline Flighted Belt Conveyor

We manufactured the flighted belt conveyor from PVC and the hopper and hood were lined with rubber to protect the fittings as they were transported. We also designed a clear perspex cover for the conveyor  so that the operative would be able to inspect the fittings as they were moved along the incline belt.

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