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Hello to all our customers in 2017, we are just in time to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017!

As business has headed back into full production after the Christmas and New Year shutdown period, this is the time when equipment is fully put to the test and where faults may arise. 

We hope that your business is running at maximum efficiency, but if you do need help Mobility Engineering is able to design and build a totally new conveyor or replace any type of conveyor system which is listed below.  We can design and build a bespoke conveyor system specifically for your own business requirements.


Gravity Roller Conveyors

Used in such instances where you need to convey trays, slave boards and cardboard boxes.

Gravityflex Conveyors

Gravityflex roller skatewheel conveyors are a more adaptable and flexible conveyor.

Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

The most robust and heavy duty of the powered conveyor series, made to convey car parts or heavy objects.

Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyors

For situations that require the simple conveying of products.

PVC/PU Belt Conveyors

These are generally used on assembly lines or in clean areas such as the food industry where hygiene is required.

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belting is sometimes used instead of PVC/PU belt conveyors on because of it's durability.

Plastic Slat Conveyors

These are used where rapid speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance.

Steel Slat Conveyors

These can be easily washed down for hygiene purposes, so are great for using within the food industry where wash down areas are required.

Magnetic Conveyors

Magnetic conveyors are used to convey small mild steel objects.

If you are looking for a specialist conveyor or materials handling system call us on 01925 755923 or contact us via our website.    

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