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Inspection Rolling Conveyors

Many of us are familiar with the process of inspecting fruit and vegetables after seeing the process on TV programmes such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's campaign for the supermarkets to accept "wonky" vegetables. (Happily some of the supermarkets did agree to relax their requirements and now some of the more funny shaped and/or "wonky" vegetables are accepted by the supermarkets.) 

To make it easier for food producers and growers to inspect their produce they will normally use an inspection rolling conveyor. The video below shows how potatoes are fed onto an inspection rolling conveyor and as they move along the conveyor they turn around on the rollers allowing for inspection of all sides of the product. If any defects are spotted they can be removed before they reach the end of the conveyor.

Potatoes Being Fed Onto an Inspection Roller Conveyor 

The video below shows an inspection rolling conveyor being tested at our factory:


The benefits of a rolling inspection conveyor are:

  • It speeds up the inspection process and products can be processed faster;
  • Products are kept fresher as the time from picking and cleaning to packing is reduced;
  • Products are manually handled less which reduces risk of any damage to fragile goods.

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