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Accumulation Tables

An accumulation table is exactly as it sounds - it is where bottles, jars or containers accumulate before they are loaded onto a filling or bottling line. Large quantities of the bottles and containers can be accumulated together and then fed single file through to the filling or bottling system. 

The short video clip below shows containers being fed single file into the filling system from an accumulation table designed and built for a leading UK food and beverage business.

At Mobility Engineering we have many customers in the food and drink industry and have been involved in the design and build of many powered infeed systems. 
One particular client required bottles to be fed into a bottling line and the system had  to be capable of dealing with a large variety of bottles at the rate of several thousand bottles per hour. The system needed to be robust and the bottles needed to pass through without damage or jamming the system.

When building a system such as this our specialist design and build team at Mobility Engineering will build and trial parts of the the system in-house to ensure that the design is working to maximum performance before it is delivered to the customer. 

A smoothly operating accumulation table will ensure that bottles can accumulate to ensure minimum downtime as the bottles are processed through the system for filling, sealing and labelling. 

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