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Conveyors for Bottling Drinks

Many of us enjoy a bottle of wine or beer at the weekend, but have you wondered just how your favourite tipple gets into the bottle after it has been brewed or fermented, which generally happens in a large holding tank?

Beer Bottling Conveyor Systems

Many beer bottling companies, large and small, will have to draw off the beer from a tank into glass bottles using a filling machine. The beer is then capped, labelled and packed into cases. Larger companies will have their own bottling facilities, whilst smaller companies will send their product to a bottling facility, as it is generally impractical to bottle by hand.

The beer bottling conveyor process involves:

- Removing the empty bottles from packaged pallets (provided by a glass bottle manufacturer). The bottles are then moved along the bottling conveyor system.
- Rinsing the bottles with filtered water or air and possibly adding carbon dioxide to reduct the amount of oxygen in the bottle.
- The bottles are then passed through a filler which fills the bottle with beer, and generally adds a gas, usually cargon dioxide or nitrogen to disperse any oxygen which may ruin the beer.
-The bottles next pass through a capper which applies the bottle cap.
- The bottles will then enter a labelling machine, and finally they are moved along the production line to be packed in boxes and warehoused.

Wine Bottling Conveyor Systems

The process on a wine bottling conveyor system is very much the same as the beer bottling process. However, many wines used to be closed with a cork (the wine would travel along the conveyor system after being filled to a corking machine (a corker!) where the cork was compressed and pushed into the neck of the bottle. However many wine bottles are now closed with a screw cap which is applied by machine.  Bottling conveyor lines can also incorporate features such as fill height detectors and other useful applications.

Mobility Engineering has worked with many bottling companies and introduced new conveyor systems which have ensured their businesses are running to maximum efficiency. Call our team of experts for a chat to see how we can help you. Here is one of our customer testimonials from Beam Suntory (one of the most famous brands of the group being Jim Beam bourbon).

Beam Suntory, Cooley Distillery, Dundalk, Ireland

"Cooley commissioned Mobility to design, build and then install a powered infeed system for our whiskey bottling line. The system had to be robust, and capable of dealing with a large variety of glass bottles without causing any damage, and without any jamming of bottles, at rates of up to 4500 bottles per hour. A design and project costing was submitted to Cooley, and after submission of an order the building of the conveyor system began in the Mobility workshop. Trials were carried out on a substantial quantity of bottles in the workshop, witnessed by Cooley Team before the system was delivered to Cooley for installation and commissioning. The project was successfully delivered on time and within budget. The company were found to be very professional and when on site during the installation, we found that their engineers were very accommodating and worked well with the Cooley Team. We have been successfully running the equipment for some time now and are very happy with performance. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mobility to other potential customers."

Mr Brendan Mulholland (Process And Manufacturing Engineer)

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