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Roller Conveyors In Chilled Food Manufacture

The market for temperature-controlled foods is becoming increasingly important with the growth in ready meals and prepared fresh food products and logistics processes for refrigerated or frozen foods combines many challenges and demands. 

The food industry is extremely energy intensive and strict hygiene requirements must be taken into consideration throughout the entire production chain.

Logistics solutions must be designed to suit different conditions and temperature ranges as low as -30°C in deep-freeze areas. This also applies to conveyor systems used in food production because the technology needs to be able to work reliably in these environments.

Conveyor Rollers in Frozen Food Environments

Materials shrink differently at very low temperatures, such as metal tube and any polymer parts contained in a conveyor roller. In extreme cold conditions the drive head of a roller can rotate inside the tube meaning that driven roller conveyors would become useles. To ensure this does not happen conveyor rollers which are used in these freezing environments must have a secure grip and the roller endcap should be secure.  Mobility Engineering's sister company Roll Ezy is able to manufacture on site many types of specialised rollers for our conveyor systems.

Maintenance and Replacement of Rollers

The reliability of component products is extremely important. Conveyor systems and rollers manufactured by Mobility Engineering and Roll Ezy are designed in-house and the products have been proven over the last 40 years. Reliability of conveyor systems and rollers ensures businesses save money by avoiding downtime for maintenance. Roll Ezy is able to provide replacement rollers for many types of roller conveyor systems.

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