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Order Picking

Fulfillment of orders is the main challenge today for many online companies. A perfect order can be described as:

  • Complete
  • Delivered on time
  • Free from damage
  • Correct docmentation and price

Fulfilling an Order Correctly

There are various ways that workers within a warehouse or distribution centre can check that they are correctly fulfilling an order, one of the most popular of which is a barcode scanning system. GPS can be used to track trucks making deliveries to ensure these are carried out fully and the delivery person usually has a mobile delivery system to capture signatures from the customer to confirm the product has been delivered to the correct address/customer. Obviously, correctly packaging items ensures they are more likely to be delivered without any damage to the product in transit.

Keeping Customers Happy

Completing an order correctly, on time and with the product being received in perfect condition by the customer is what makes customers happy and likely to buy again from a business.

How Mobility Engineering Can Help You

One way that Mobility Engineering can help you keep your customers happy is to facilitate your perfect order picking by using conveyor systems and roller beds which minimise any damage to your products and assist the pickers and packers to get the products out of the warehouse as quickly as possible. Call Mobility or contact us for a friendly chat about your distribution.

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