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Building A 13 Kilometer Conveyor

At the Chuquicamata Mine in Chile, one of the longest and most powerful conveyor systems is to be built. This feat of engineering will include gearless drives, motors, instrumentation and power product supply and will be custom engineered. The belt conveyor system will deliver copper ore from the underground mine directly to the concentrator plant, 13 kilometers away from the mine site.

Chuquicamata is one of the world's largest open copper mines and the second deepest open-pit mine in the world. It is located 1,650 km north of Santiago and has been in operation since 1910. 

However, a new underground mine is now being developed to access ore situated below the current open pit mine. The new mine is scheduled to begin operations in 2019, which is where the conveyor system will be involved. The conveyor system, when it is built will allow the company to mine copper which is  increasingly difficult to access and more remote.

The conveyor system, when complete, will be a state of the art system, which will be able to meet the extremely high load requirements. The conveyor system will be gearless which will significantly reduce the wear and tear of main parts, resulting in less maintenance and down-time.

When complete, the conveyor system will be one of the world’s largest and most complex, covering both steep gradients and long distances.

Your conveyor system requirements may not be as large or complex as this, but whatever conveyor you are looking for, no matter how simple or complex, call our expert team or contact us for a friendly chat.

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