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Skatewheel Conveyors

Skatewheel Conveyors are a type of gravity conveyor which are used for conveying very light items with flat bottoms, such as cartons, boxes and trays. They are an economical and portable type of gravity conveyor.

Benefits of a Skatewheel Conveyor

  • They are light and portable
  • A skatewheel conveyor is easy to set up and move around the workspace
  • The conveyor can be extended or retracted to suit the area it is being used
  • It can be manipulated into curves and bends where required

Costs of a Skatewheel Conveyor

Skatewheel conveyors are an economical choice for a business compared to a full gravity roller conveyor. At Mobility Engineering we are able to design, tailor and build a skatewheel conveyor to your specific requirements.  Call us or contact us for a chat with one of our design team and we will be happy to chat over ideas with you about how we can help you.

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