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Swan Neck Conveyors

Swan neck conveyors are generally used for moving and transferring products where the product needs to be moved either up or down.

Uses For a Swan Neck Conveyor

Swan neck conveyors are particularly useful in the following situations:

  • If products need to be moved to another level
  • Where a product is being transferred into a hopper or bin
  • Where there may be obstructions between adjoining conveyors and the swan neck conveyor is used to link them at different levels
  • Where products need to be moved along an incline or decine

Swan Neck Conveyor Design

Swan neck conveyors are useful in a wide range of industries including building and construction, food manufacture, food processing, warehousing, logistics and many other industries. Swan neck conveyors can also be used for moving wet or dry products and the exact design and construction can be varied depending upon the area the swan neck conveyor is to be used.

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