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Food Hygiene Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Belts which are used in the food industry have to be designed in such a way that makes cleaning of all critical areas easy, as this ensures that any contamination which could be passed on to food products is prevented.

Food Production Using Conveyor Belts


The use of conveyor belts can be found in most companies that produce products for the food industry. Generally a PVC/PU belt conveyor will be used in food production and it is imperative that it is easy to clean. This should take into account in the design the following:

  • Any welds, seals or edges are of high quality where dirt cannot accumulate (or this would harbour bacteria)
  • Conveyor systems must be manufactured of materials which are impervious to damp and water as they may be used to transport goods such as fish and chicken which are "wet" goods
  • The design of the conveyor should be streamlined so that there are no unnecessary covers or corners which may be difficult to keep clean

Mobility Engineering has worked with many clients in the food production industry and we are happy to discuss details of these past projects to help you with your own design. Conveyor system manufacture for the food production industry is a very specialised area and we are happy to work with our clients with this.

Call our specialist team to discuss your food conveyor requirements or contact us and we will call you to discuss with you what you need. 

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