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Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

If your business requires you to move around large and bulky items such as pallets or large drums you should be considering a chain driven roller conveyor

Advantages of a Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

  • They are robust and heavy duty
  • They can be used in conjunction with fork lifts where goods can be loaded onto the conveyor system
  • The rollers can easily be replaced within the conveyor if they become damaged or worn
  • Although they are heavy duty, a chain driven roller conveyor system can be built to include cross transfers and powered turntables so they are flexible
  • Chain driven roller conveyors have been designed to make moving palleted goods around easier
  • The rollers are generally constructed from mild steel which makes them cost effective to buy and replace

A powered chain driven roller conveyor system is designed for heavy duty useage, but also to provide flexibility.

Features of a Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

A chain driven roller conveyor consists of:

  • A fully enclosed side frame
  • Sprocketed thick walled steel rollers
  • A chain-to-chain or one common chain drive mechanism
  • An external shaft mounted motor

Mobility Engineering has been designing and manufacturing powered chain driven roller conveyors for over 40 years and is able to design and produce a bespoke conveyor system for your business. 

Call or contact our  friendly, specialist team for an initial chat or to set up a meeting to see what we can do for your business. 

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