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Gravity Conveyors

Mobility Engineering are experts in gravity conveyors. Gravity conveyors are the simplest and most economical type of roller conveyor that can be used for transporting products of many different shapes, sizes and weights around a factory, warehouse or distribution centre. 

Gravity Conveyors are Simple and Cost Effective

They are "simple" as they use gravity to move products - and there is no power, therefore they are extremely cost effective as well. Productsare either free wheeled over the rollers when they are on the horizontal or they can be run over a slight decline.

Gravity conveyors are used in many different environments including:

  • Packing and accumulation
  • Production lines
  • Electronics assembly
  • Airport security check areas
  • Distribution Centres
  • Online food shopping hubs

Gravity Conveyor Rollers

Rollers on gravity conveyors generally range from 20 mm which are light-duty rollers up to 75 mm rollers which are for heavy duty work. The length of the gravity roller conveyor depends on the customer's requirements and can generally be as long as is required and we are happy to work with the customer on sizes and dimensions for the best outcome.

Gravity Conveyor Roller Finishes

The standard finish for gravity rollers is mild steel self colour in a painted frame. However, the rollers can be finished as BZP (Bright Zinc Plated) which is very popular or coated with plastic or rubber. Stainless steel rollers can also be supplied where the gravity conveyor is to be used in damp or wet conditions, or will require washing down.

Installation of a Gravity Conveyor

If you are looking to replace or install a gravity conveyor call us and speak to our specialised team on 01925 755923 or contact us via our website.

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