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Pallet Handling

Pallet Handing and Chain Conveyors

Where pallet handling is involved, normally chain conveyors are predominantly used. Chain conveyors are perfect for either very heavy loads, or wide and awkward loads where the base may not be flat (pallets often have feet on the bottom). These are often considered to be the best type of roller conveyor for handling pallets.  A chain conveyor is essentially chains that run within guides that carry the load.

Pallet Handling With a Pallet Roller Conveyor

A Chain Driven Roller Conveyor which is used for pallet handling is the most heavy duty type of powered conveyor. It is usually used where items such as pallets, drums and heavy items need to be moved around and items are normally fed onto the conveyor by machinery or fork truck as they are extremely heavy.

Chain Driven Roller Conveyors used for moving pallets and similar materials must be up to heavy duty usage. They normally consist of sprocketed and thick walled steel rollers, with a chain mechanism, a fully enclosed side frame and an externally mounted motor.

Rollers on Pallet Handling Systems

Pallet conveyors or chain driven roller conveyors are generally constructed from powder coated mild steel, although other finishes such as bright size plate can be provided if this is requred.

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