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Friction Accumulating Conveyors

Accumulation Conveyors are needed to ensure a steady supply of products to a machine or to hold a supply of products when a machine stops. We will look at how a friction accumulation conveyor works below.

Friction accumulation conveyors are used to transport products such as:

  • Cases
  • Cartons
  • Barrels
  • Tyres
  • Plastic containers etc

They are used for applications including:

  • Machine links
  • Buffer links
  • Areas prior to curves, switch points, outward transfers and converters

How a Friction Accumulation Conveyor Works:

The friction rollers are driven by a continuous running roller chain (or timing belt) and the drive element is connected with the roller body by a friction brush. If the goods on the conveyor are stopped (the friction accumulating operation) the roller body will also stop, but the drive element will continue to rotate. By means of the ensuing friction, corresponding pressure is applied to the conveyor goods, which will increase as the friction accumulating length increases. As soon as the products on the conveyor are freed again, the rollers and the goods will be set in motion.

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