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Magnetic Conveyors

What are Magnetic Conveyors Used For?

Magnetic Conveyors are engineered and designed to move ferrous metals and materials such as very small parts, metal chips and stampings.

Magnetic conveyors are ideal for machining operations where the parts are too small and numerous for effective removal by a conventional conveyor system.

Advantages & Features of Magnetic Conveyors:

  • There are no moving external parts.
  • They can easily convey small mild steel parts and objects.
  • There are no belts to replace as the conveyor is normally a twin strand chain conveyor with magnetic bars atached.
  • They can be manufactured as a horizontal conveyor or in the form of a swan neck which is ideal to send parts up into a bin, where they can be removed by a forklift truck.
  • Magnetic conveyors can be easily and quickly installed.

For most applications the magnetic conveyor design does not change greatly, but they can be designed and manufactured in different lengths and widths to suit the applicaton. This can change the magnet types used with regards to strength.

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