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Moving Pallets

The ability to move pallets is one of the most common uses for a conveyor system within a warehousing or production company. It is generally carried out by forklifts alone, or by a combination of forklifts and conveyor systems

Pallet Conveyors

A chain-driven roller conveyor is normally required for moving pallets, as they are able to cope with very heavy items. 

Features of a Pallet Conveyor System

The features of a conveyor system for moving pallets are:

1. Robust rollers with a tube wall thickness of up to 3 mm.
2. Sprockets are generally made from a non-abrasive and tough elastic polyamide which is particularly good at noise damping. Polyamides have extremely high durability and strength.
3. The roller tube can be castellated to ensure maximum torque.
4. The roller housing and seals will normally be made of polyamides to ensure maximum strength.

A conveyor system constructed in this way for moving pallets will have a long life span therefore it makes sense to have experenced designers and manufacturers involved in installing this type of equipment.

Mobility Engineering have been designing and constructing conveyor systems for moving pallets for 40 years and our team is always on hand to discuss any conveyor system requirements. 

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