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Curved Roller Conveyor Systems

Why are curved conveyor systems required? They are generally required because where certain materials handling processes are carried out there may not be the perfect layout or floor space available. Having conveyor systems which can curve around and bend will maximise the production space available, offering the business the most efficient and cost effective solution. 

Tapered Roller Curved Conveyors

Tapered roller conveyor systems are one of the best solutions for conveying loads of all types around curves. The speed at all points of the tapered roller tube changes to assure optimum transport of loads through the bend without any real need for guard rails. This means that the products will not fall off the conveyor whilst travelling around the curve due to the taper of the rollers and products will also remain the same way round on the conveyor as they were when they entered the curve.

Cylindrical Roller Curved Conveyors 

Curved conveyor systems can also be constructed using cylindrical rollers and these are easier to design. However, a tapered roller system can offer finer tracking performance.

Curved conveyor systems using either type of roller can be used in areas such as machine links, assembly areas, the packing industry and electronics as well as many other industries. Goods that can be carried include anything with a stable base, such as tote boxes, containers, cases and cartons.

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