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Ball Tables and Ball Transfer Units

Ball tables or ball transfer units are used in conveyor systems where objects need to be moved quickly across units. Using a ball table allows manual transfer between machines and different sections of a conveyor system. 

Benefits of Ball Tables and Transfer Units

- They allow objects to be moved swiftly in any horizontal direction.
- They are a relatively simple construction which allow objects to be moved across crossing points.
- A ball table is simple to install and is available in many different sizes.
- They are fitted with a seal to protect them against dust and water.
- Ball tables are only suitable for moving objects which have a flat and stable base, such as tubes, cartons, tote bins and work piece trays.

Applications of Ball Tables

Ball tables are commonly found in:

- Airports where luggage is handled.
- The electronics and tools industry.
- Distribution and packing centres.
- Machine construction factories.

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