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Maintaining Your Conveyor System

Once your conveyor system has been installed by Mobility Engineering, there are steps that you can take to ensure that it remains at peak performance - ensuring that your business operates at maximum efficiency. These checks include:

1. Regular inspections and audits of the conveyor system
2. Proper and regular training and updates for operating staff
3. Monitoring of motors and power sources
4. Keeping key parts in stock at your premises

By following the guidelines above, the service life of your conveyor system will be lengthened saving your company downtime and repair costs.

Here are some issues that can be encountered with conveyor systems and what do do about them:

1. Poor take up adjustment on belt driven rollers may cause the belt to twist and damage the drive unit and there will be at least loss of performance of the system. This can also happen with chain driven devices where wear occurs and the chain may lengthen. Here the issue can be dealt with by ensuring that the take up springs are properly maintained.

2. Insufficient lubrication of chain bearings which causes friction can cause the system to breakdown due to mechanical or electrical overload. 

3. Contamination of the conveyor system from dirt, paint, fluids or any kind of abrasive material. 

4. When using a conveyor for product handling any new products must be checked to ensure they are suitable for your conveyor system. Boxes or products which are too large, heavy, light or small may not convey and could cause jams and additional wear and damage to your conveyor system.

5. Where the conveyor system uses precisely controlled belts they should be regularly inspected to ensure the belts are travelling at the correct speeds. This is normally computer controlled, however, any belt that isn't needs to be regularly checked. If timing becomes an issue this may cause problems where belts merge and items may become jammed or wrongly packed.

Mobility Engineering builds long term relationships with our clients and we are always on hand to offer help and advice regarding any of the conveyor systems we have installed - just give us a call. More useful information on product care is available on our website.

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