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Have You Received a Conveyor Roller

One surprising story we have come across (and wanted to share with you!) is that even companies such as Amazon are not always totally in control of their conveyor systems!

During the run up to Christmas last year a couple were expecting a gift of a book from friends who had purchased said book on Amazon.

Our couple were surprised to find when they received the Amazon package, instead of containing a book as they were expecting, it contained what appeared to be a conveyor roller! The package was marked with the correct tracking number, but somewhere along the conveyor line within the Amazon warehouse, the book seemed to have hopped out of the box and a roller had found it's way in there.

After various messages between the recipients of the machinery part and Amazon, Amazon sent UPS along to pick up the errant roller and our couple eventually received the book about chickens they had been expecting. Amazon apparently then reported back that they were not sure that it was even part of their conveyor systems, so how the conveyor roller got into that box is apparently going to remain a mystery!

Perhaps you feel that it may be time to update your own conveyor systems - hopefully you have no missing conveyor rollers!

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