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Materials Handling With Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are now a common piece of materials handling equipment that can be found in many manufacturing and warehousing applications. There are many different types of conveyor systems which can be used for transporting any types of materials from cars and heavy or bulky materials to tiny components or even pills in the pharmaceutical industry.

Conveyor Systems Benefits

  • Conveyor Systems can easily transport materials from one level to another (PVC/PU Belt Conveyors are often used for this purpose), which if this was to be carried out manually would involve much higher labour costs and be strenuous activity.
  • Materials handling using conveyor systems, especially when the material being transported is heavy or bulky, is much safer than if the materials were moved manually or with a forklift, where the prospect of injury or accident could be much higher.
  • Conveyor systems can include motorised, fully automated or gravity conveyors, depending upon which is the most suitable option for the application. 

Conveyor Systems Design

The main factor to be considered in conveyor design is to know accurately what and how the system will be used for materials handling. Consideration needs to be taken of the operations the system will carry out including accumulation of the products, sorting, transportation, the types of materials to be transported and where any pick-up and loading points are located.

Your Materials Handling Requirements

If you are considering the replacement or installation of a materials handling conveyor system contact us for a friendly and no obligation chat and we will be happy to help you with information and assistance for your business.

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