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Incline Conveyors

Where loads or objects need to be moved along an incline or decline a powered incline conveyor is normally required.

Incline conveyors can be combined with other conveyor systems such as standard belt conveyor or powered line shaft conveyors

Incline Conveyors and Other Conveyor Systems

The in-feed and out-feed secions of the incline conveyor are usually manufactured horizontal to meet up with the other parts of the conveyor system. The motorised drive that powers the incline conveyor is used so that the incline conveyor can be used forwards and in reverse to allow flexibility of the system.

As loads are being moved on an inclining or declining path that exceeds the angle where sliding or rolling friction can be used, incline conveyors are generally always powered.

Swan Incline Conveyors

You can see why a swan conveyor is named as it is. A swan incline conveyor is normally manufactured as a stand alone unit. These types of conveyors are extremely useful where parts or products need to be conveyed from a storage area or working point. 

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