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Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors are used in many different industrial functions. Roller Conveyors are split into two main types of roller conveyor systems - either powered or gravity roller conveyors.

Powered Roller Conveyors

These can be powered in different ways including:

1. Belt driven live roller conveyors
2. Line shaft roller conveyors
3. Chain driven roller conveyors

Each different system will be designed for specificially for loads of different shapes, type and weight.

Uses for Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are used for purposes including:

1. Packing
2. Pushing off packages
3. Gathering together products

Generally it is recommended that roller conveyors are generally used with products which are solid and have flat bottoms or for items which can be placed in trays as softer or irregularly shaped items may become trapped or wrapped around the rollers and not move freely. Roller conveyors are workable and functional and it is easy to install stops, transfers and diverters in many locations within the system.

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