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Kiln Conveyors

Kiln conveyors are specialised pieces of equipment which are used when objects are being manufactured from molten glass.

Kiln Conveyors Can Also Be Called a Lehr!

The actual kiln itself can also be called a "lehr". A kiln or lehr is a temperature controlled kiln which is for annealing glass (where glass or metal is heated and then allowed to cool slowly to toughen it).

Why is a Kiln Conveyor Needed?

If an object made from molten glass is cooled down too quickly then the temperature of the glass can become uneven which can result in cracking before the object has cooled down or even afterwards when it is being used. To prevent this cracking objects manufactured from molten glass are annealed by cooling gradually using a kiln conveyor.

How Do Kiln Conveyors Work?

The lehr or kiln conveyor is typically long in shape with a temperature gradient from end to end. The glss objects being manufactured, such as glasses or cookware are transported through the kiln conveyor on a conveyor belt

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