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Anthony's Amazing Accelerated Free Fall

Today we have been speaking to one of our colleagues here at Mobility Engineering, Anthony Reid, who has just returned from an amazing two week holiday in California, USA! However this was not your "normal" holiday.

Whilst Anthony was over in California he completed one of the most exciting skydiving courses around - the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course.

Here's Anthony's account of how this came about and his fantastic time completing this course, alongside some amazing photos taken of the experience.

"After having completed four static line jumps in 2014 (which is arguably a really bad way to begin skydiving), a friend asked if I fancied doing the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course. 

I immediately said "Yes!" and we both started looking for the best place to do it.  We contacted Skydive Northwest, who said they weren't running the course, but put us in touch with Active Skydiving.  Active Skydiving is one man - Scotty Milne (five times British Champion, and a former Red Devil), who organises the course at various locations in the UK, Spain and California.

After much deliberation (just about two minutes), we decided California (Skydive Elsinore, Lake Elsinore) was the definite way forward!  We then flew out on 24th June 2015 for a week of adrenalin fuelled madness, jumping out at 13,500 feet. The course was passed, and the photos show what an amazing experience this was. The fun now begins ......."

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