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Conveyor Ovens

A conveyor oven is a piece of programmable equipment that processes uncooked foods along a moving conveyor belt. The program will guide the foods along the conveyor belt as they are heated or cooked through a  conveyor oven at a pre-determined speed for the food being processed. 

Conveyor ovens can be used for many food products including meats, pastries, breads, cakes and biscuits. Many  larger food producers opt for this type of conveyor oven as it ensures the food is cooked uniformly and they are also very efficient and utilise less power than a traditional cooking or baking method. A conveyor oven can also be called an "impinger" oven as it uses an air blasting process of heated air in the oven.

How The Impingement Process Works

As the food moves along the conveyor belt (normally stainless steel) hot air is applied directly to the food. According to what is being baked or cooked, the heat and cooking duration can be adjusted to suit. The force of the heated air being applied to the product facilitates faster cooking time.

Efficiency of Impinger or Conveyor Ovens

As most of the process is automatic there is little need for many operators and not many specialised skills are required by those that operate the equipment. The quality and uniformity of the foods cooked in this manner are generally better than those that are cooked in traditional ovens.

Common and popular models of conveyor ovens include the following:


These conveyor ovens may be powered by gas or electricity. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted based on the operation or cooking requirements. The oven is enclosed and no doors are built on the side. However, there is generally a viewing door near the middle so the operator can keep an eye on the products and determine the progress of the cooking. 

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