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The Latest in High Tech Conveyor Systems

Back in the middle of the 20th Century conveyor belts or conveyor systems where rather basic compared to the high-tech systems used today. At that time they would be likely to be a basic belt system which moved objects from A-B.

Back in the present day, conveyor systems are now critical components in complicated material handling applications including both assembly of products and packaging. Conveyor systems can also be used for moving, inspecting and processing products in highly specific processes.

Here are some of the newer conveyor system applications that are currently supporting businesses here in the UK:

Backlit Conveyors

Backlit conveyors are used to visually inspect products as they move along a packaging or assembly line. The items on the belt are illuminated by light fixtures fitted along certain sections of the frame.

Metal Free Conveyors

These are often used where metal detection systems are required, which are quite common in the food industry. Part of the frame of the conveyor system is removed and replaced with plastic parts which cannot be detected by the metal detector mounted over the conveyor.

Pacing Conveyors

Sometimes products need to be gathered together or "herded" on a conveyor line or alternatively spaced out. Pacing conveyors can carry out these processes by using more than one conveyor belt on the same production or assembly line. Lines can then be merged when required.

Miniature Conveyors

These small conveyors are often used in the medical or pharmaceutical industry where many small or fragile parts need to be moved around. Some of these conveyors are only a few inches wide

Sanitary Conveyors

These are conveyors with minimal fastenings and and rounded frames and they are also designed to withstand repeated high pressure cleaning daily and can be easily disassembled for ease of cleaning. The food industry continually updates regulations and standards for conveyor systems to ensure contamination of food products is at a minimum.

Vacuum Conveyors

These normally have conveyor belts which are perforated which allow a vacuum to continually pull air through the holes and keep the products "sucked" to the belt. This helps keep small and lightweight products in place.

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